The “30 Artistes, 30 Songs, 30 Days” Interview – Ally Rhodes

As part of  The Pixel Projects 30 Artistes, 30 Songs, 30 Days project in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign, we talk to the artistes who have participated in the project about why they are using their music to speak out and to say NO to violence against women. 

Our fourth featured artiste is Ally RhodesAlly Rhodes is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Omaha, NE based out of Denver, CO. Her most obvious and foremost passion is music, but she also really loves traveling, bad puns, and social justice. She seeks to make a difference in the world by bringing light to important issues in her music, as well as using the platforms on which she may garner any influence to talk about those issues. You can follow Ally’s updates on Facebook and check out her videos on YouTube.

Ally contributed her song “Places That A Mind Should Never Go” to the “30 Artistes, 30 Songs, 30 Days” campaign in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign that is in benefit of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Pixel Project. Donate at just US$1 per pixel to reveal the mystery Celebrity Male Role Models and help raise US$1 million for the cause while raising awareness about the important role men and boys play in ending violence against women in their communities worldwide. Donations begin at just US$10 and you can donate here.


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Tell us about yourself and why you decided to take part in The Pixel Projects 30 Artistes, 30 Songs, 30 Days project.  

I am a very fiercely passionate feminist and I try to take every opportunity that I get in both my career and in my everyday life to raise awareness of feminist issues. The Pixel Project’s commitment to ending violence against women is in perfect alignment with my own mission, so it was a great match!

Why is ending violence against women important to you?                                            

Violence takes many, many forms. Some of them are obvious, but others are not. It’s a pervasive, integral part of our culture that we’ve all internalized as a result of growing up in a patriarchal, heterosexist, cissexist, racist world. I am committed to doing whatever I can to dismantle the harmful, unjust power systems currently in place for the sake of all people, but especially my fellow women.

In your opinion how does music help in efforts to end violence against women?      

Music is arguably the biggest force of mainstream media. It shapes mindsets, which in turn go on to shape the entirety of our culture. So much of the music on our iPods and radios and TVs is misogynistic in nature, glorifying female submission and encouraging men to be dominant and abusive. These notions are so common that we don’t even think twice about them, but flipping the script and using music to empower women and condemn abusive behavior is jarring. It snaps people out of the norm and makes them actually think about the messages they’re ingesting.

What actions can music artists take to help end violence against women?

First, we need to end the trope of the helpless, pathetic woman needing the strong, important man and stop exalting objectification and abuse of women in our songs. Then we must quit portraying women in music videos as submissive and acquiescent to the whims of men. Then, we need to use the platforms we have as a result of our music to shine the light on the various forms of violence that plague the lives of women everyday. Music is such a powerful medium and the more artists who take a stand, the better a place our world will be for everyone.


The “Music For Pixels 2014” charity digital album is available from 1 April 2014 – 1 April 2015 as a companion to the “30 Artistes, 30 Songs, 30 Days” campaign. The album features a selection of 12 positive and empowering songs from the campaign by artistes including  Adam Web, AHMIR, AJ Rafael, Bob Sima, Courtney Jenae, Debbie Reifer, Delaney Gibson, Ellis, Macy Kate, Mary Sholz, Pete Ahonen, and Troy Horne The album is the perfect and affordable gift for music lovers and for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and Mother’s Day. It is available for download worldwide via major online music retailers including iTunes and 100% of the album proceeds will benefit The Pixel Project to help keep their anti-Violence Against Women campaigns, projects, and programmes running.

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