The “Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert” Interview – Adam Web, USA

As part of The Pixel Project’s Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert, we talk to the music artists who have participated in the concert about why they are using their music to speak out and to say NO to violence against women. 

Our second featured artiste is Adam Web. Adam Web = optimistic acoustic funk. Though living in Philadelphia, PA, his career began about 10,000 miles across the world in Australia.  It was here, while studying abroad, that Adam began writing of his inspiring travels and experiences. The music that emerged was shaped with percussive guitar grooves, soulful vocals, and spiritually conscious sentiment. With his rootsy approach he has drawn comparisons to such contemporaries as Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and Jason Mraz, but still maintains a definitive sound of his own. This sound has made its way across the U.S with his last album “Once We Were Stars” being played on over 100 college radio stations in 2010.  It also caught the ears of 2 major TV networks, as his single “Standstill” was used in an episode of MTV’s “The Real World Las Vegas (2011)” and his song “Life is My Play” was used on Oxygen’s “The  Bad Girls Club (2011)”.  Through multiple tours, Adam has performed in 14 states across the country including such festivals as South by Southwest  (Austin, TX) and Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA).  He has performed at such prominent venues as the Hard Rock Café in Nashville, TN and MilkboyPhilly in Philadelphia, PA. Follow Adam’s updates and videos on Facebook and YouTube.

The Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert was held in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign in benefit of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Pixel Project. Donate at just US$1 per pixel to reveal the mystery Celebrity Male Role Models and help raise US$1 million for the cause while raising awareness about the important role men and boys play in ending violence against women in their communities worldwide.

Donations begin at just US$1 and while the Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert Indiegogo fundraiser is still running from June 5th to July 5th 2015, donors can donate to get exclusive music and artist goodies ranging from personal Skype concerts to treat bundles for the serious music lover.


no-35Tell us about yourself and why you have decided to take part in The Pixel Project’s Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert.


My name is Adam Web and I am an optimistic singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, PA.  My music is hopeful and spiritually conscious. I have amazing women in my life in my wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother, nieces, and countless aunts.

When I think about the injustices and cruelty that many women across the world must endure, I ask myself “what if that happened to the people that I love in my immediate circle of family and friends?”  That thought brings about a feeling that we are all connected and if one person or one group of people is hurting, then the world is hurting.

I chose to be a part of The Pixel Project’s Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert, because music is my voice, and I would like to contribute my voice to help bring awareness to these issues.

Why is ending violence against women important to you?                                            

I think that when we envision any of the important women in our lives in danger, our protective nature kicks in. If we can expand these feelings beyond our immediate families and friends to that of all woman across the world, amazing things can happen. Ultimately I feel that a shift in consciousness changes the world and I want to be a part of that change. I want to help restore balance in this world, and that cannot happen if women are suppressed and harmed.

In your opinion how does music help in efforts to end violence against women?      

If you are trying to spread a message that needs to reach many nations and languages, you’ll need to have something that can universally speak to everyone. I believe that music bridges these gaps.  Even if the lyrics are written in a specific language, the music, melodies, and emotion felt in the delivery of the song can speak volumes to the listener. We can raise awareness about the issue of violence against women through this universal language.

What actions can music artists take to help end violence against women?

Musicians can use their voice. They can weave their message throughout their songs and use their story telling abilities to help people relate to what they are saying. They can raise awareness that this issue exists all over the world spanning all cultures and races. Starting a conversation is such an important step in beginning the healing process for an issue like ending violence against women. The more we talk, the more opportunities there are for creating solutions and music can be the spark that get’s people talking.