Read For Pixels: Claiming Karen Chance’s “Become A Minor Character In The Next Dorina Basarab Book” Perk

FB Timeline Cover - Karen Chance_FINAL

Hello Dorina Basarab fans and Read For Pixels supporters!

Interested in claiming the “Read For Pixels” donor perk to become a minor character in the next DORINA BASARAB book?

Before you make your donation, please carefully read the terms and conditions listed below.

1.  I, Karen Chance, agree to provide the donor who claims this “Read for Pixels” perk the chance to become a minor character in the next DORINA BASARAB book.

2.  The donor may name the character after themselves, in honor of a friend or family member, or choose a fictional name. No names designed to be offensive will be considered, and any deliberately ridiculous ones (i.e. Boaty McBoatFace) will have to be discussed with and approved by me.

3.  The donor may submit a description and/or a picture to be used to design the minor character in the upcoming novel. This may or may not be true to life, and can be fictionalized to include other races/types of characters already established in the Cassie Palmer universe. For example, the donor can choose to be a fey/Were/vampire/or other paranormal creature, however, choosing a fey may necessitate a name change. If the donor is choosing the paranormal character option, the type of character will have to be approved by me as one possible to insert into this particular novel.

4.  The donor agrees that I may use the name (and likeness) they select for the minor character in the fourth Dorina Basarab novel, and they grant that right to me, my publishers, and to whatever editions/excerpts may be made from the book in the future. The donor also understands that the inclusion of their name for the character in the story in no way earns them any sort of monetary or other compensation.

5.  If the donor changes their mind about the inclusion of their name for the minor character in the book, they may notify me in writing. I can only promise they’ll be removed if the notification comes before the book goes to print.

6.   If it is apparent that the donor is using their donation for evil intentions, I reserve the right to back out of this agreement. Evil intentions include, but are not limited to, the request that I use a person’s name with the intention of causing them embarrassment.

7.  I am not obligated to show the donor the pages in which the name of the character will appear prior to the publication of the book. If I do so, it will be a courtesy and will not bind me to make any changes requested by the donor.

8.  I promise to send a signed copy of the published book to the donor free of charge to the address they provide.

9. This perk comes as part of a goodie bundle. The rest of the goodies in the bundle will be sent to the donor as soon as possible after the bundle has been claimed.