READ FOR PIXELS: Claiming Kristin and PC Cast’s “Minor Character” Perk

FB Timeline Cover - Kristen Cast_FINAL

Hello Kristin Cast fans!

Interested in claiming the “Read For Pixels” donor perk to become a minor character in Kristin and P.C. Cast’s new YA series, HOUSE OF NIGHT OTHER WORLD (releasing 2018)?

Before you make your donation, please carefully read the terms and conditions listed below:

1.  This is all about supporting the Read for Pixels campaign in a fun way. PC and Kristin are donating this reward with good cheer, and the donor agrees to accept the reward in the same spirit.

2.  PC and Kristin Cast agree to provide the donor who claims this item the honor of naming a character in the second book of the Casts new YA series, HOUSE OF NIGHT OTHER WORLD (releasing 2018).

3.  The donor may name the character after themselves or name the character in honor of a friend or family member or even just name the character any name they wish.  Please note if the name is too silly, as in Poopy McButtface, then the Casts respectfully reserve the right to decline to use it.

4.  The donor may submit either their full name and/or a picture (no nudity) to be used as a character in the upcoming series.

5.  The donor agrees that the Casts can use the name for a character in their series, and the donor grants that right to the Casts, their publishers (worldwide) in whatever edition or form the series may take now and in the future. The donor also understands that the inclusion of their name for the character in the story in no way earns them any sort of monetary or other compensation whatsoever. Full copyright for HOUSE OF NIGHT OTHER WORLD is owned by the Casts.

6.   If it is apparent that the donor is using their donation for evil intentions, the Casts reserve the right to back out of this agreement. Evil intentions include, but are not limited to, the aforementioned request that they are asked to use a person’s name or description with the intention of causing them embarrassment.

7.  The Casts will not show the donor the pages in which the name of the character will appear prior to the publication of the book. The donor also understands the fictional character based on their name or description might change over the course of the series and that the donor will not be consulted in any changes. Basically, the character belongs to the Casts in its entirety. It might be a minor character, a secondary character, or a main character. Or the character might be killed off. What happens to the character is solely up to PC and Kristin.

8. The Casts promise to send a signed and personalised copy of the published book to the donor free of charge anywhere in the world to the address they provide.

9. This perk comes as part of a goodie bundle. The rest of the goodies in the bundle (a set of signed paperback editions of THE ESCAPED trilogy) will be sent to the donor as soon as possible after the bundle has been claimed.