READ FOR PIXELS: Operation Cover Pose 2016 To Help End Violence Against Women

Chuck Jim Tee Collage

Acclaimed authors Jim C. Hines, Chuck Wendig, and Tee Morris have bravely volunteered to do custom gender-flipped cover poses to encourage the Science Fiction & Fantasy community to help The Pixel Project‘s Read For Pixels 2016 Indiegogo fundraiser reach our $5,000 fundraising goal (and beyond) this October! The Pixel Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that combines the power of the internet, social media, and pop culture/the arts to raise awareness, funds, and volunteer power to end violence against women.

Jim, Chuck, and Tee have selected 3 comic book and book covers that they’d be happy to recreate (and which won’t send them to the chiropracter. Hopefully):

Posing Collage

And here’s how you can make this awesome Gender-Flipped Pose-Off happen:

Step 1: Vote!

Which cover pose should Jim, Chuck, and Tee recreate?

Storm’s deadly cheerleading pose!
Black Cat jumping in (or out?) of a car!
The Agent of Death squat!

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Step 2: DONATE!

Once you’ve made your choice, the next step to making it happen is to donate what you can to the Read For Pixels Fall 2016 Indiegogo fundraiser by NOVEMBER 1st, 2016:


Step 3: Share! Share! Share!

Share this page with your friends and fellow fans to encourage them to vote and donate!

Here’s what to expect as our fundraising milestones are met:

$5,000 – Tee will release his version of the most highly voted cover pose!

$7,500 – Jim and Chuck will release their respective versions of the cover pose in an epic Cover Pose-Off!

$10,000 – Jim, Chuck, and Tee will recreate this bonus comic book cover:


And there’s also custom cover posing on demand – Jim and Tee will recreate the cover pose of your choice* if you donate $500 or more to the Read For Pixels fundraiser!

To donate, head on over to

* The book cover of your choice must be PG-13 at most.


Why Gender-flipped Cover Posing?

In January 2012, Hugo Award-winning Fantasy author Jim C. Hines wanted to tackle the issue of how women are portrayed on book covers and “how saturated we were with imagery that emphasized women as sexual objects at the expense of power, agency, realism, and so on.” To provoke discussion in a positive way, Jim, with the help of his wife, took pictures of himself hilariously contorting his body to recreate some of the female book cover poses.

His efforts went viral and he decided to put the popularity of his posing to a good cause by doing custom cover poses to raise over $15,000 for a charity of his choice. Here are a couple of examples:

Toast Slayer Bear Paw

Now, Jim – along with Chuck Wendig and Tee Morris – hope that the Science Fiction & Fantasy community will help us raise much-needed funds for the cause to end violence against women.