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There is a world-changing paradigm shift getting off the ground. The global conversation about violence against women and girls is shifting from a “women’s issue” to a human rights issue. Men and boys are increasingly being seen as part of the solution to ending the violence.

The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is a campaign that aims to turbo-boost this paradigm shift by presenting high profile non-violent men as male role models.

Here is what partners, supporters, donors and survivors say about the Pixel Reveal campaign.



Ashley Sapp“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is amazing in that it is utilizing social media to spread awareness about the importance of getting men and and boys on board efforts toward ending violence against women worldwide. It is not about male versus female but rather working together, exemplifying positive role models, and raising funds to help others.”

– Ashley Sapp, Survivor and Pixel Project Volunteer



Asther Lau_Cropped“It is great that the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is supported by influential male figures from all over the globe. This will help spread more awareness and support towards ending violence against women and girls.”

– Asther Lau, Survivor and Photographer at Asther Lau Photography



Catherine Pierce“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is a great campaign to encourage men as well as women to join the cause to end violence against women. Having male role models will help stop the cycle of abuse as well as educate our youth about how important it is to treat women with respect.”

– Catherine Pierce, Survivor



Dorothy Johnson Laird“In order to bring an end to violence, men and women need to walk together. The Celebrity Male Role Model campaign encourages men to step up to the plate and to speak out strongly about violence against women. This campaign is a fun effort that can create lively discussion and highlights the positive action men can bring to stopping violence.”

– Dorothy Johnson-Laird, Survivor, Activist, Journalist and Social Worker



Kathleen Milliken_cropped“The Pixel Reveal campaign is so vital, because it gives men a voice. I cannot thank the men enough for their strength to show others that violence against women is not only NOT tolerated, but it should simply not exist. For a man to see the woman as his equal and not subservient, as his partner, friend, mother, wife or daughter is a powerful movement. It supports the home, the community, the economy and overall health and well being for all. We need more men like this, those willing to step up and share HOW they are working to help end violence against women.”

– Kathleen Milliken, Domestic Violence survivor & Founder of ‘Project Empowerment’


Kim Poppleton“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is an important part of attempting to change the social construct of violence against women, by collaborating with celebrity men who have shown honorable roles against violence against women in a hope to influence others in our global society. Intimate partner violence, domestic violence and violence against women is socially constructed, and in order to change this construct men and women have to be a part of the change. This is why it is so important to have men within the dialogue and action along with women; in-order, to end violence against women on a global level.”

– Kim Cowie, Survivor and Anti-Violence Against Women Advocate

Pixel Project Partners

AHMIR - Collage

“As men we fully acknowledge that we have an important role in breaking the cycle of violence against women and girls. It is important for us to take a stand and lead the way. With our passionate fans spread throughout the globe, we are happy to help The Pixel Project raise funds for the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign.”

– AHMIR, YouTube’s #1 R&B group and The Pixel Project’s YouTube Music Ambassador


Holly Kearl“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign invites men to become part of the solution and that is crucial. We will never solve the problem of violence against women without them!”

– Holly Kearl, Founder of ‘Stop Street Harassment’



todd minerson_cropped“For several years, the White Ribbon Campaign has been partnering with the innovative, determined, and impactful Pixel Project. The Pixel Project, and it’s incredible global team of volunteers, has worked tirelessly to mobilized people across the world to stand up, speak out, and work towards a future with no violence against women and girls. We are proud to support The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign because it emphasises the importance of positive male role models and the positive roles that men and boys worldwide can have in achieving that outcome.”

– Todd Minerson, Executive Director, The White Ribbon Campaign


Jeremy Flowers_Cropped“As men, we usually seek out other men’s approval to gauge the status of our own manliness. The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal Campaign is a great way to use the celebrity status of a male to get other men involved. Men need to become active in ending men’s violence against woment, because the majority of men do not condone violence against women, but remain silent or inactive when it comes to addressing the problem as a whole. As men, if we remain silenct or inactive, then we’re complicit in the perpetration of violence against women.”

– Jeremy Flowers, Co-founder of ‘Step Up’ and Male Ally


“The world needs more healthy male role mScott Johnsonodels, especially when it comes to how to treat girls and women with honor and respect. The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is an excellent way to raise global awareness of an issue that affects all of us.”

– Scott Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of the Positive Music Association


Volunteers – Current and Alumni

Alexis Chapman_cropped“I support the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign because it counteracts our culture’s kneejerk reaction to downplay the need for men to be active supporters in the fight to end violence against women worldwide. The Pixel Project has taken a strong stand to create and run campaigns such as the Pixel Reveal campaign, which include and put the spotlight on men that support our cause, for the last 5 years. Through the combined activism, of both women and men, The Pixel Project will see the manifestation of our ultimate goal, to eradicate violence against women.”

– Alexis Chapman, VP of Flying Monkeys TooBusyGals and Pixel Project Volunteer


“The Pixel Reveal campaign is an innovative way to raise funds and awareness to end Violence Against Women around the globe. I like seeing who around the world is helping to uncover the fabulous mystery men who lent their celebrity to such a wonderful cause!”

– Bridget Hudacs, Marketing Specialist and Pixel Project Volunteer


Crystal Smith“Like The Pixel Project itself, the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is fresh and innovative. It injects a positive tone into the discussion of a very serious issue, and reinforces the organization’s core message that that men can and should be involved in efforts to end VAW.”

– Crystal Smith, Author and former Pixel Project Editor-in-Chief



Evan Grae DavisAt almost every screening of my film or anti-VAW event I speak at, I look out on an audience of 99% women. It is critical we engage men in the battle, and The Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is doing just that.”

– Evan Grae Davis, Documentary Film-maker of ‘It’s A Girl’ and a Pixel Project Video Editor



Copyrighted by Michelle Wong PhotoArtistry“I support the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign because men play an important role in providing strength and constant support for women’s efforts to send out a loud and precise message to all – Stop Violence Against Women, once and for all.”

Michelle Wong, Photographer at Michelle Wong PhotoArtistry and The Pixel Project’s Kuala Lumpur Photographer



Tab Pierce“Male celebrity role models may not be my thing, but getting more men to support the campaign to stop violence against women is my thing! Men can make a huge difference in stopping this, from making a commitment not to engage in violence to supporting monetarily and joining in on this worthy cause.”

– Tab Pierce, President of Caliber Security Partners and Pixel Project Volunteer



Tori Lynn“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is of great importance and value. Without boys and men playing a role in violence against women, it would just defeat the whole purpose. We need male support just as much as we need females to support this cause as well.”

– ToRI-LyNN, Music For Pixel artiste and rising YouTube star


Activists and Allies

Erika Streeter_cropped“I support the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign because violence against women is not just a woman’s issue; this is something that has the ability to affect everyone. We can only become stronger if we work together for the good of us all. People can tell us things over and over but sometimes we just need to see or experience things to understand. Men, especially young men, need a positive example of acceptable vs. unacceptable behavior. We need more fathers, brothers, spiritual leaders, and celebrities, who these young men see as heroes, to stand with us against violence. Young men take their cue from what they see and hear in the media and by what’s deemed “cool” by their friends; lead by example and they will eventually follow. The end result will serve to empower both men and women.”

– Erika Streeter, Anti-Violence Against Women Advocate


Gail Equality Whitmore_Cropped“In this battle the male voice is a must. The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is a dynamic platform to display the commitment of wonderful non-violent men standing up to say NO to violence against women.”

– Gail Whitmore, activist and Director of Hollaback! Czech



Hanna Manninen“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal is another innovative idea from The Pixel Project to raise awareness for violence against women. Men and women should work together to end needless violence.”

-Hanna Manninen, Public Relations Professional and Pixel Project Supporter


Jaime Rothbard“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign invites us to redefine what masculinity is and influence how it can be celebrated in the media.”

– Jaime Rothbard, Co-Founder of Public Spectacle



Krista Goon_cropped“The Celebrity Male Model Reveal is an excellent way to partner with men to raise awareness about violence against women. Real heroes will never tolerate injustice and violence. Real heroes will make the world a better place for women, men and children. This project allows men and women to participate and contribute towards a safer world for all. Congratulations to the global Pixel Project team!”

– Krista Goon, Co-founder and 2014 president of WomenBizSENSE


Lori Day headshot“The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is an important and fun way to communicate the key role of male allies. Violence against women is not a ‘women’s issue.’ Fundamentally, it is a men’s issue. Without the support of men, the problem will not be solved. Men must join the cause and become a core part of the message, and indeed, passionate and outspoken messengers.”

– Lori Day, Co-Founder Brave Girls Alliance and author of Her Next Chapter: How Mother-Daughter Book Clubs Can Help Girls Navigate Malicious Media, Risky Relationships, Girl Gossip, and So Much More


Susan Macaulay“Violence against women is not a women’s issue, it’s a human issue. We need men working with us not against us to put an end to this scourge. This is why I support The Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign.”

– Susan Macaulay, Creator & Curator, AmazingWomenRock.com



Soraya Chemaly“If we are going to change a culture in which violence against women and children is considered “normal” and for which they themselves are blamed we need visible, prominent men, who still today have considerably more cultural capital than women to say, “No, this violence is not acceptable and we can stop it.” Sir Patrick Stewart has been among the most outspoken advocate to end this violence. But, we should have a wait list of Stewarts, ready and able to do the same. We are not there yet but this project moves us closer every day.”

– Soraya Chemaly, Feminist writer and activist


Trace Fleming Smith“It’s a great thing to see men taking on more roles in ending violence against women. Men share this planet with us so their well-being is directly related to ours. Living in a more equitable, just, and safe world for women can only be a benefit to us all. I applaud the Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal Campaign and am excited to see men be allies in this incredible movement.”

– Trace Fleming-Smith, Sexual Violence Program Coordinator, 2nd Chance, Inc.


“Emphasizing that men and women must work together to combat gender-based violence, the Pixel Project launched its innovative Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign. By identifying compelling role models, this campaign raises public awareness about how men and boys can—and should—partner with women and girls to battle gender-based abuse.”

– Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman, Lecturer, Yale University Department of Political Science; Visiting Fellow, Yale Law School; Visiting Researcher, Harvard Law School