reveal-100-for100-slide_FINAL221 JULY 2014 (WORLDWIDE): In an effort to engage small-to-medium independent businesses in the fight to end violence against women, The Pixel Project ( has launched the “100 For 100” donor program ( in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign ( which aims to raise US$1 million to support The Pixel Project and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (

The “100 For 100” donor program, which will run from 21 July – 31 August, 2014, is a simple and affordable way for small-to-medium independent businesses to support the fight against Violence Against Women (VAW) by making a single US$100 online donation to the Pixel Reveal campaign, which rallies the global audience to donate US$1 per pixel to unveil an online million-pixel mystery collage of world-exclusive celebrity male role model portraits. Each US$100 donation will reveal 100 pixels. As more pixels are revealed, the cover picture will fade out to uncover the portraits underneath it. When a celebrity male role model is fully revealed, an exclusive anti-VAW public service announcement from him will be launched to help trigger conversations about VAW, and inspire men and boys to take action to stop VAW. The distinguished line-up includes a Nobel Laureate, a two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner, and a world-renown environmentalist.

“When people think about companies who donate to causes, they usually think of major corporations making huge donations,” said Regina Yau, founder and president of The Pixel Project. “The 100 For 100 donor program was created because we believe that small-to-medium independent businesses can be powerful grassroots advocates for spreading the message about stopping VAW because they are frequently run by women or families, and play a vital role in the well-being of their local communities. We hope they will participate in “100 For 100” to help us and NCADV keep our anti-Violence Against Women campaigns and programs running while also sending an inspiring message to their communities that Violence Against Women must end.”

Participating businesses will enjoy a special “100 For 100 Donor Privilege Package” which doubles as tools for them to help spread the word about stopping VAW. This package includes: The “100 For 100″ donor logo gallery on the Pixel Reveal campaign website where visitors can click on each logo to be taken to the donor’s business website; A Pinterest “100 For 100” logo gallery featuring “100 For 100” donor logos; a special badge that “100 For 100” donors can embed on their website; a weekly blog announcement featuring the logo and bios of all “100 For 100” donors for that week, which will be shared with The Pixel Project’s Facebook and Twitter supporters as well as NCADV’s Facebook page; a special “100 For 100” testimonial page featuring participants’ supporting quotes together with their founder/CEO’s head shot; and a short 3-question written interview about why they support ending VAW, which will be published as part of the special “100 For 100” interview series starting in October 2014 (Domestic Violence Awareness Month). Through this package, “100 For 100” donors could reach a potential new audience comprising The Pixel Project’s active 35,000-strong online social media community as well as NCADV’s 65,000-strong Facebook page.

More information about how businesses can become “100 For 100” donors can be found by visiting: “100 For 100” donations should be made directly via Participating business will receive an e-receipt (tax-exempt for U.S.-based businesses) via email as well as a separate email with a unique link showing them the pixels they have helped to reveal.



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The Pixel Project is a complete virtual, volunteer-led global 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation whose mission is to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women using  a combination of social media, new technologies, and popular culture/the Arts. Their flagship initiative is the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign which aims to turbo-charge global awareness about VAW using social media while raising US$1 million by getting a global audience to collectively unveil a million-pixel mystery collage of Celebrity Male Role Models at US$1 per pixel. The US$1 million will be used by The Pixel Project and NCADV to strengthen efforts to end VAW.