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If you are a Pixel donor:

Visit our Donors’ Lounge section to:

  • See the reveal progress of our world-exclusive Pixel Project Celebrity Male Role Model portraits. Your donation makes a difference!
  • See a list of fellow donors from around the globe who are also contributing to reveal the portraits of these celebrities.
  • Discover other opportunities to contribute to the conversation. Add your voice to the cause!

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If you are a company/organisation or private philanthropist:

Whether you’re here to make a matching donation or to sponsor the needs of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign, you really are about to do something very special.

Whatever you give will help to make a real difference to the movement to end violence against women by funding the crucial work of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence on the ground in the U.S.A and The Pixel Project’s online campaigns that reach out to men, women and youth around the globe to galvanise them to take action to stop the violence in their communities.

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