Read For Pixels: Fundraising With Authors


The Read For Pixels authors are so AWESOME that they have not only donated their time to attending Read For Pixels Google Hangouts, but have also donated a whole bunch of exclusive goodies to help inspire fans, book lovers and supporters to donate to The Pixel Project’s US$1 million fundraising goal for the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign in support of The Pixel Project. These exclusive geeky goodies vary from author to author and from fundraiser to fundraiser. They may include:

  • 30-minute 1-to-1 Skype chat sessions with individual fans or bookclubs.
  • A handwritten short stories, poems, and haikus.
  • A one-off written critique sessions for submitted work of up to 1,000 words or query letters.
  • Signed first editions/special/advance editions of books.
  • Drabbles (100-word stories) and short stories written especially for this campaign.
  • A chance to be a minor character (or have a minor character named after the donor) in the author’s next book.
  • Special Read For Pixels goodie packs and baskets
  • Exclusive swag… LOTS of exclusive swag

Donating is simple – our fundraisers are set up on Indiegogo and Razoo (for PayPal donors) to run in tandem with the Read For Pixels Google Hangout sessions. During campaigns, links and buttons will be made available for donors and fans to reach the fundraising pages.

How It Works

The author goodies will be given away to donors as “Thank You” gifts and perks as a token of our appreciation for their donation and support for the cause. What you get will depend on how much you donate!

Fundraisers will run for approximately 6 weeks during campaigns in March – April and September – October. There will be special online Read For Pixels fundraising pages through which fans, book lovers, and supporters can donate to the Pixel Reveal campaign to reveal pixels and receive goodies.

2. The Rally Up “Read For Pixels” fundraising page

This Read For Pixels donation page is suitable for donors wishing to make donations of $5 and above to receive “thank you” perks such as handwritten stories, signed first/limited edition/advance copy books, a chance to be a minor character in the authors next book, and more.

All major author goodies will be available as perks for donors depending on the donation amount set for each perk.

The Pixel Project will manually release the total number of pixels revealed (at $1 per pixel) after the fundraising period has ended.

Donations begin from US$10 and only donations from credit cards are accepted.

All donors will receive an e-receipt that is tax-deductible for U.S. residents only.

Donor Eligibility:

  • All intangible goodies such as certain exclusive short stories and Skype chats for book clubs are open to donors worldwide.
  • For signed books and other tangible goodies, authors have stipulated whether they will ship worldwide or to U.S. donors only as the goodies will come directly from the authors themselves. Please check the fundraising pages for details.
  • All e-receipts are tax-deductible for U.S. residents and citizens only.

Post-Campaign Arrangements for ‘Thank You” gift packs and perks

  • All Indiegogo donors will have arrangements for their shipping or scheduling their perks within 30 days of the completion of the fundraiser (and frequently sooner than that)! Delivery times for tangible goodies will vary according to whether it’s sent within the U.S. or abroad and may also be subject to delays caused by postal services or publication dates.

Need to know what the funds raised will be used for? Go here:

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ page here: