Read For Pixels: Claiming Julie Czerneda’s Tuckerisation Perk

R4P Fall 2018 - FB Timeline Cover - Julie Czerneda

Hello Julie Czerneda fans and Read For Pixels supporters!

Interested in claiming the FABULOUS “Read For Pixels” donor perk of the opportunity to name a minor character in Julie’s next novel? Before you make your donation, please carefully read the very reasonable terms and conditions from Julie herself as listed out below before going for the perk as you will be expected to abide by it.

Over to Julie now:


Appear in my new fantasy novel, The Gossamer Mage, to be published by DAW Books in 2019!

Your name, modified as required to fit the setting of the magical realm of Tananen, will be used for a character in my upcoming novel. You may choose to be on the side of good or evil. You may choose a noble death or treacherous evil doer comeuppance. Last, but not least, you may supply a personality quirk or habit for your character and I’ll do my best to include it. Bonus? You’ll read your walk-on scene and provide me with your feedback on the character. Bigger Bonus? You’ll receive a personalized signed copy of the hardcover when it’s released! Biggest Bonus? You’ll be supporting a very a worthy cause, one important to us all.  – Julie E. Czerneda

Terms and Conditions, Julie E. Czerneda, August 2018:

1.  This is all about supporting The Pixel Project’s “Read for Pixels” campaign in a fun way. I am donating this reward with good cheer, and the donor agrees to accept the reward in the same spirit.

2.  I, Julie E. Czerneda, agree to provide the donor who claims this “Read for Pixels” perk the honour of naming a minor character in my next book, The Gossamer Mage coming from DAW Books in 2019.

3.  The donor may base their character’s name after their own. If they wish to honour a friend or family member they must obtain that person’s permission first and email that to me. I reserve the right to modify the provided name as necessary to fit the nomenclature used in my novel. For example, Anne might become Annealyon. The donor will have a chance to check this modification and I will acknowledge the use and original name provided in the front of the book.

4.  The donor is welcome to supply a personality quirk or habit, plus a brief physical description if desired, for my possible use with their named character. For example, “needs a chicken nearby in order to sleep”. I’ll make it work if I can within the world of my novel. (The chicken, btw, has been done.) The donor is also welcome to decide if their named character will be on the side of good or evil, and should I decide to kill their character, if they prefer a noble death or a treacherous evil doer comeuppance. Be aware that until I finish the story, I won’t know if the donor’s “minor character” will appear once, for a couple of paragraphs, or keep popping up. Consider that part of the fun too.

5.  The donor agrees that I can use the name they select for the character in my book, and they grant that right to me, my publishers, and to whatever edition or form the book may take in the future. This waiving of rights is necessary in case this character is mentioned or reappears in a sequel or other related work. The donor also understands that the inclusion of their name for the character in the story in no way earns them any sort of monetary or other compensation whatsoever. Just the fun.

6.  I must receive the donor’s chosen name, along with any required permission, character quirk, etc., by October 15th, 2018, unless other arrangements are made beforehand.

7. It is the donor’s responsibility to keep in touch with me at and to keep me informed of any change of their address (email and physical) prior to the book being sent. Also, if the donor changes their mind about the inclusion of their name for the character in the book, they must notify me by email by December 1st, 2018.

8.  I will send the donor their character’s walk-on scene from my novel for approval and feedback. This is a rewarding part of the project for both of us. Again, see #6. Be sure to provide a reliable email address.

9. The donor will receive a signed copy of The Gossamer Mage when it is released in August 2019.